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Fire fighting measures

Fire fighting measures

Update Time:2021/9/6

Suitable Extinguishing Media:

Small fire: Use flooding quantities of water. Do not use dry chemicals, CO2 or foam. Large fire: Flood area with water from a protected position. Cool containers with water until well after the fire is out. If possible withdraw from the area and let fire burn. Avoid getting water inside containers; a violent reaction may occur. Dam fire control water for later disposal.

Hazards from Combustion Products:

Fire/heat may cause release of toxic fumes such as oxygen, nitrous gasses, and toxic oxides of nitrogen and silver oxides. Shock or friction may cause fire or explosion. Containers may explode when heated. Runoff may create fire or explosion hazard.

Precautions for Fire Fighters:

If safe to do so, remove undamaged containers from that area. Do not move containers that have been exposed to heat or fire. Wear appropriate protective equipment for fire situation, recommended to wear SCBA and chemical splash suit with full breathing apparatus. Structural firefighter’s uniform will provide limited protection.