28-Mar-2018:The price of Calcium Carbide has go up in export markets
Issue Time:2018-03-28
In March 28th the domestic calcium carbide factory price: Wuhai, Inner Mongolia area Ordos carbide mainstream ex factory price of 2800 yuan / ton, prices rose slightly, Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu League first grade product price 2800-2850 yuan / ton, temporary price stability; Ningxia Shizuishan area of calcium carbide mainstream ex factory price of 2850-2900 yuan / ton left and right, temporary price stability; Shaanxi area factory price 2700-2800 yuan / ton, temporary price stability; Gansu 2950 yuan / ton, the price rose, rose 50 yuan / ton; Xinjiang calcium carbide mainstream ex factory price of 2700 yuan / ton, offer temporary stability, consultation on actual transaction price. As a whole, the domestic price of tourmaline is stable.

The downstream customers' calcium carbide procurement is active and stable, and the demand for calcium carbide is stable, but the price of raw materials in some areas is rising, which leads to the increase of the price of calcium carbide. In Xinjiang, the price of the downstream of calcium carbide resulted in a drop in the price of the tourmaline. Aftermarket forecast the price of calcium carbide will rise slightly
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