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商务部:中方对美中止减让产品清单适时公布实施时间 Ministry of Commerce: China announced the time of implementation of the list of products in the United States.
Issue Time:2018-03-30
Department of Commerce: China concessions list of products timely promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce spokesman peak time 29 in response to a reporter's question Zhengbao said the suspension of Chinese beauty, released in the United States to suspend imports of steel and aluminum products 232 measures of reduction product list, currently for comments, the public comment period expires in March 31st. "After the period of public comment, it will be timely assessed on the basis of the relevant comments collected, and the time for the formal implementation will be published in a timely manner."

According to whether the Sino US trade friction will upgrade the problem, he said, "the Chinese position opinion is very clear, we do not want a trade war, Chinese is actively developing a global partnership for development, efforts to expand converging interests with other countries, the new cooperation to build win-win cooperation relationship."

But he also stressed that China is not afraid of fighting trade war. Chinese against their own will on others, against bullying, will never abandon its legitimate rights, will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. It is advised that the US side should not take any measures to damage the economic and trade relations between the two countries, otherwise it will only "lift the stone and smash its own feet".
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