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The British government will add 2.1 billion to prepare for a "no-agreement exit from Europe"

Issue Time:2019-08-01
LONDON, July 31, Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) - The newly appointed British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Said Javid, announced on July 31 that the government would add 2.1 billion pounds in preparation for a "no-agreement" exit from Europe.

According to a document issued by the UK Treasury Department, the additional funds from the UK government will prepare for a "no-agreement" exit from Europe in key areas such as border, customs and drug supply.

"Without a good agreement, we will have to face a non-agreement exit from Europe," Jarvid said. An additional 2.1 billion will be ready for the de-Europa_on October 31, whether there is an agreement or not.

The Treasury has prepared a total of 6.3 billion in response to the 4.2 billion previously raised in response to the various possibilities of "de-Europe".

The new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed that Britain will complete its "de-EU" by October 31 this year. He believed that Britain could reach a new and better "de-EU" agreement with the EU, but Britain would also be ready for "no-agreement de-EU".
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