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The price of PVC market in Guangzhou is stable temporarily on August 1
Issue Time:2019-08-02

The market of PVC in Guangzhou is stable for the time being. At present, the mainstream price of common carbide is 6830-6900 yuan/ton. Reference quotation: Sanlian 5 6830 yuan/ton, Salt Lake 6830 yuan/ton, Haina/Jinwei 5 6880 yuan/ton, Xinfa/Dongxing 6880 yuan/ton, Yili 6900 yuan/ton, Tianhu 6860 yuan/ton, Ethylene material: Dagu 700 yuan/ton, Dagu 800 yuan/ton, Dagu 1300 yuan/ton, Haijing 800 yuan/ton, Dagu 1000 yuan/ton, Dagu yuan/ton. Yuan/ton.

Price of calcium carbide will come down in short future

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