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More than 250,000 evacuees were evacuated after typhoon Lichma hit ShanghaiMore than 250,000 evacuees were evacuated after typhoon Lichma hit Shanghai
Issue Time:2019-08-10
China News Agency, Shanghai, August 10 (Prince Tao) Typhoon No. 9 of this year, "Lichma" has landed in the southern town of Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. Affected by typhoon, there is a general rainstorm in Shanghai, with a maximum wind force of 9 grades. The Shanghai Flood Control Command announced in the morning of October 10 that more than 250,000 people had been evacuated and more than 2,800 ships had been organized to enter the harbour. Except for the inflow of individual farmland and road dwellings, the operation of urban and rural areas is basically stable.

Affected by typhoon Lichma on August 10, Shanghai Bund Scenic Spot took partial closure measures due to strong wind along the river, and the viewing platform was forbidden to enter. Affected by Typhoon Lichma, the wind in the Bund Scenic Area of Shanghai is stronger. Photographed by Zhang Hengwei

In that way,all shipment of calcium carbide has been delay due to Typhoon.

When Typhoon No. 9 "Lichma" landed in Nanzhen Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province this year, the central wind force of Typhoon was 16, which was the strongest typhoon landing in China this year. It is expected that the "Lichma" will move northwest at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, and its strength will continue to weaken. On the night of October 10, it went north through the area near Taihu Lake and across the same latitude of Shanghai.

Shanghai's flood control authorities said that from the afternoon of September 9, Shanghai was more affected by wind and rain. As of 6:00 on the 10th, 500 of the 666 rain stations measured reached the level of heavy rainfall, accounting for 75.1%. The largest rainfall was Nicheng Station in Pudong New Area, which reached 99 mm. Among the 88 wind stations measured, the wind force greater than 6 is mainly distributed in offshore areas, Pudong New Area, Chongming, Jinshan and other places, and the maximum wind force reaches 9.

In the early morning of October 10, 2984 fallen trees were found in Shanghai, 80 of the 100 faulty power lines have been restored and 20 are being repaired, and 2 households were flooded and 150 mu of farmland was flooded.

According to statistics, 253,000 people have been transferred and evacuated in Shanghai, and 2,827 ships have been organized to enter the harbour. On the morning of October 10, Donghai Bridge, Shanghai Port International Passenger Transport Center and Wusongkou International Cruise Port continued to close bridges and seals, while coastal dense places such as Jinshan City Beach were closed and all personnel were emptied.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport cancelled 1160 flights and 258 pending flights as of 10:00 on October 10. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport cancelled 713 flights and 27 pending flights as of 10:00 on October 10. Shanghai Metro Line 16, Pujiang Line and Maglev Line are suspended. Speed limits are imposed on some surface and elevated sections of rail transit.

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