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Guangzhou PVC market offer held steady on August 20

Issue Time:2019-08-21

Guangzhou PVC market offer is stable. At present, the mainstream price of common carbide is 6800-6930 yuan/ton. Reference quotation: 6800 yuan/ton for Sanlian 5, 6820 yuan/ton for Salt Lake, 6880 yuan/ton for Jinwei 5, 6900 yuan/ton for letters, 6930 yuan/ton for Yili, 6880 yuan/ton for Haina, 6850 yuan/ton for Jinyuyuan, 7050 yuan/ton for ethylene material: 800 yuan for Dagu, 1000 yuan/ton for Dagu, 7020 yuan/ton for Haijing 1000, and solid communication.

Calcium carbide supply to PVC Production

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