Mango/Banana Ripener
Issue Time:2019-11-14


Use method:

1.Prior to using theripener soaked in clean water, and then put it in banana boxes;
2.Pay attention  to the plastic bags do not tighten, should have a little air into the bag,and to 
   ensure that the carbon dioxide released too much;
3.Suggested usage: use a small bag of a 12 ~ 18 kg ethylene ripening agent.
4.The best conditions of use:Temperature: 16 ~ 18 °C, humidity 90 ~ 95%;Carbon dioxide
   concentration: < 1%
Suitable use range:
Banana, Mango, Tomato, Citrus and so on.
Packaging & Shipping
 0.6g  main  for   banana  
3g      main  for   mango
Vaccum packing 
3g  100pcs/bag 2500pcs/ per carton 
0.6g   500pcs/bag 10000pcs/ per carton 

We can custom for you according to your needs
Notice  :
(1) The banana bag after used theripener cannot seal too severe, should right amount on
      the packing bag air holes.
(2) Please as soon as possible after opening seal preservation .
(3) Stored at cool, dry and ventilated place.
(4) Please make sure that the drug is out of the reach of children.
If formula is needed, please leave your email address here for effective communication.



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