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Application field of calcium carbide

Application field of calcium carbide

Mar 23,2023

Application field of calcium carbide:

(1) Acetylene produced by the reaction of calcium carbide with water can be used to synthesize many organic compounds, such as synthetic rubber, artificial resin, acetone, ketene, carbon black, and so on; At the same time, acetylene - oxygen flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.

(2) (2) When heating powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, the reaction generates calcium cyanamide, namely lime nitrogen:

CaC2+N2CaCN2+C, Δ H=-296kJ/mol

Lime nitrogen is an important raw material for the preparation of cyanamide. The melt formed by the reaction of heated lime nitrogen with table salt is used in gold mining and nonferrous metal industry.

(3) Calcium carbide itself can be used as a desulfurizer in the steel industry.


(4) A chemical reaction method for producing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) using calcium carbide (CaC2) to generate acetylene (C2H2) in the presence of water, synthesizing acetylene with hydrogen chloride (HCl) to produce vinyl chloride monomer (CH2=CHCl), and then polymerizing vinyl chloride to generate polyvinyl chloride (CH2-CHCI) n.

(5) In the old days, miners went to the mine and put calcium carbide into iron cans to use the generated acetylene (C2H2) to make a calcium carbide lamp.


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