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How to produced calcium carbide ?

How to produced calcium carbide ?

Aug 3,2023
Inner Mongolia calcium carbide is an important chemical raw material widely used in the manufacturing of chemicals such as acetylene and polyvinyl chloride. The production process of calcium carbide is mainly divided into four steps: calcination, water pressing, hydrolysis, and drying. Firstly, mix lime and coke in proportion, and then place them in a blast furnace for calcination. During calcination, the temperature in the blast furnace gradually rises, and the lime and coke react to form Calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Among them, Calcium oxide is one of the main components of calcium carbide.

After the water squeezing step, the lime slurry produced by the blast furnace is extracted to separate solid residues. Then, the residue is hydrolyzed, sufficient water is added, and steam heating is applied. Hydrolysis makes Calcium oxide in the residue gradually react with water to generate Calcium hydroxide and acetylene gas. The waste liquid generated during the squeezing and hydrolysis processes is treated to protect the environment. By dehydration and drying, the water in the acetylene gas generated by hydrolysis is removed to obtain pure acetylene gas. The production process of calcium carbide requires strict control of temperature, proportion, and process parameters to ensure product quality and output. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to environmental issues during the production process, and treat waste liquid and exhaust gas to reduce their impact on the environment. The production of calcium carbide is a complex and delicate process that requires the stability and efficiency of the production process. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the production technology of calcium carbide is also constantly improving and innovating to meet people's demand for chemicals.

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