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Price shocks in the first half of the year Non-ferrous metal plate performance in the second quarter is expected to be flat
Issue Time:2019-07-19
In the first half of this year, the average prices of copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel and tin on the Shanghai Futures Exchange changed to - 7.72%, 4.89%, 12.75%, 14.50%, 6.27% and + 0.16% respectively, with only tin rising slightly over the same period.

"On the copper side, taking into account the decline in copper price in the second quarter, assuming that the company's output has not changed substantially, the company's performance in the second quarter is expected to decline annually or slightly; on the aluminum side, the price of alumina and electrolytic aluminium is expected to rise in the second quarter due to the environmental shutdown of alumina production in Shanxi Province. The second quarter performance of the block has improved to a certain extent. Fan Chao, an analyst at Yangtze Securities, said that overall, in the context of metal price shocks, the performance of listed companies is expected to be basically flat.

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