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Domestic Calcium Carbide Ex-factory Price Slightly Decline on July 22

Issue Time:2019-07-22
Domestic calcium carbide ex-factory prices fell slightly on July 22.

The ex-factory price in Shaanxi is about 2950-3100 yuan/ton, the quotation slightly drops, with a drop of 50 yuan/ton; the ex-factory price in Qinghai is about 2950 yuan/ton, and the quotation is temporarily stable; the ex-factory price in Inner Mongolia is about 3050 yuan/ton, and the quotation is temporarily stable.

The mainstream factory price of calcium carbide in Shizuishan area of Ningxia is about 2900 yuan/ton. The quotation has slightly dropped by 50 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is mainly negotiated.

Overall, domestic carbide factory prices fell slightly.

The price of raw coke is stable temporarily and the cost of calcium carbide is stable. Downstream customers are generally motivated to purchase calcium carbide, calcium carbide supply is normal. Later Calcium Carbide Shock Down
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